Empty Wine Bottles

Use empty wine bottles wisely

A lot of people have nowadays developed serious wine habits. These habits have been brought up by the increased occurrence of events and celebrations. Anyway we cannot say that these are bad habits. Events such as birthday celebrations, weddings, and Christmas make people consume a lot of wine while they enjoy themselves. You can therefore come across many empty bottles as you walk around. People need to know what they can do with these empty bottles. We should follow what Americans do by learning how to recycle empty wine bottles. Empty bottles can be used as gifts, home decorations, and for many other domestic general purposes.

The problem why many people do not succeed in the recycling of empty wine bottles is simply because they do not show any interest. Beautiful gifts can be made from empty wine bottles by following a simple transformation process. Bohemian transformation on is the easiest way of reusing wine bottles. This involves cleaning the bottle and placing some water inside in which a single flower is then placed. This combination forms a special gift in a pretty bottle and when it is presented to people, they value it so much. You have to come up with your way of presenting gifts using wine bottles because gifts are used to convey different messages. Wine bottles are also used to hold flowers as a house decoration. If you have several such bottles you just need to purchase some flowers and place them in the bottles which you then surround your house with to enhance its beauty.

Empty wine bottles can also be used for entire home decoration. Wine bottles are painted with interesting bright colors which is a cheap source of home decoration. The painted bottles are placed at points where people can recognize them. This is achieved through reflection of light where the colors used colors are reflected on the floors and walls of houses. This makes the walls and floors amazing. These painted bottles can also be used as gifts which are presented to special people to convey messages. Wine bottle corks are also used for decoration. The corks can be removed from bottles and on tiles and arranged in an artistic manner in which they form a way of drawing attention during celebrations. Empty wine bottles can be crafted into important products. Their labels are stripped off and the bottles are cleaned and crafted into hummingbird feeders. This is a cheap method of making attractive hummingbird feeders.

Wine bottles can be crafted in several ways. In the case of making hummingbird feeders, a simple hook is attached to the bottle to hang it upside down. A refilling hole is drilled at the top of the hanged bottle which allows for easier refilling. Feeder nozzles attached into the bottle neck attract the hummingbirds and thus you can easily feed them. The feeder can be made of a large barrel to avoid often refilling. Wine bottles are also crafted into mosaic. Simple crafting skills are required here and this can be achieved even at homes. A mosaic is made of glass pieces which are joined together in a tile glue. It can be made of different shades of glass bottles and used as a piece of art for home beauty. In fact this is a simple task and we don’t have any reason of disposing wine bottles carelessly. If we can come up with many crafting ideas, this can be a good step of avoiding environmental pollution.

There are several empty wine bottle crafts that can be made instead of tossing these bottles together with their corks. Crafts such as decorative vases, lamps, and hurricanes are crafted at homes through simple procedures. The Autumn bottle stopper is another beautiful product made of grit and sheet glass. It is used as a housewarming gift. No one can fail to notice its amazing looks. Wine bottle corks are also of great purpose. Adorable and thrifty key holders can be crafted from corks used together with beads to make chains. Other crafts such as a beach-side votive, candle holders, and beer bottle holders can be easily made. You try any idea that you have and invent something using empty wine bottles.

With the current improved technology, you can also earn money from wine bottles. People have been trained in food science and are able to prepare their own wines at homes. These people need bottles to in which they can store and preserve their wines. You can sell empty bottles to them at a reasonable fee. In this way, the wine maker can save some money and at the same time you earn money from selling the bottles. There are several simple machines which wine-makers can use to clean wine bottles at home and reuse them. This will help them avoid the cost of manufacturing new bottles and in this case they can increase their profits if they earn their living through wine making. It is therefore evident that we do not have to treat empty wine bottles as wastes because we have a lot of ideas which we can use and transform them to useful products.

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